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Connecting your entire business seamlessly for effortless sharing of information, and making your organization more united, collaborative and productive will require a comprehensive, solid IT infrastructure. Asaj Technology is a leading network cabling installer with over a decade’s worth of experience. We have worked on projects big and small and know the needs that businesses have.

Companies shouldn’t try to keep up with other companies in South Africa, but rather the world. With network cables strategically put in place, your company can work more effortlessly and your operations will become more streamlined.

We South Africans often undervalue the importance of network cables and infrastructure. The cables are often the lowest costing component in an IT network, yet it forms the backbone on which it all rests. Performance and reliability is as much a result of your network cabling as it is of any other component, as the saying goes – “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. It is therefore important to not only have superior quality cables, but an experienced installer you can trust as well.

We are certified installers for many well-known cable brands, including Molex, Krone, RIT, Legrand and more. Please view our certification.

We install wires in the following categories:

The most popular choice when it comes to voice and data cabling today, Cat5e can be laid in lengths up to 100m, handling a maximum data transfer of 1000 Mbps.


This category is fast becoming the cable of choice in today’s business world and is even compatible with Cat5e. It allows for fast and reliable transferring of data.