Our Services



Effective and efficient management of utilities has built us into one of the most respected full service Utility Management companies.

Utility Management is core to our service offering, providing you with a complete Utility Management solution and service that effectively manages the risks associated with utility billing and revenue collection.

Installation Services

We offer quality assured installation services for the meters you purchase from us. With over 4 years industry experience and strong project management, we can assure you the quality of installation and backup services you need.

Installing with us, you always have someone to call upon if you need assistance after the installation. We are here to help you throughout the lifespan of your meters.

Maintenance Plan

The Maintenance plan is designed to give you peace of mind should anything go wrong with meters. It is a service that saves you headaches and money for a technician to fix or replace a meter while the meter user might be unable to provision utilities or have to bypass altogether.

Site Inspection and Audits Services

As we specialize in prepayment utility management and administration; site inspections, as well as audits, are a crucial part of utility management to ensure that utilities are monitored, managed, collected and accounted for correctly.

To assist with the physical side of prepaid metering in this regard, we offer both Site Inspections as well as Site Audits.